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Hostal Restaurante Isleta del Moro

Hostal-Restaurante La Isleta del Moro, located in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata, with stunning sea views, offering your guests tables attached to the sea, just off its small fishing port. The name of the small villageLa Isleta del Moro, comes from long ago it was a port where pirates and sailors usually came from Morocco.

Therestaurant serves excellent fresh fish, prawns coming from the areaa delicious paella. On Sundays and holidays, especially in summer, table reservations are recommended.

restaurantum.com_-_Hostal_Restaurante_Isleta_del_Moro_-_vista_pueblo.jpg restaurantum.com_-_Hostal_Restaurante_Isleta_del_Moro_-_Terraza.jpg restaurantum.com_-_Hostal_Restaurante_Isleta_del_Moro_-_vista_pueblo_calas.jpg restaurantum.com_-_Hostal_Restaurante_Isleta_del_Moro_-_vista_terraza_lado_izquierda.jpg restaurantum.com_-_Hostal_Restaurante_Isleta_del_Moro_-_vista_terraza_con_paella_deliciosa.jpg
- Daily available fresh fish
- Salad of Tomatoes Raff
- Red prawns, midele sized
- Rice with lobster
- Paella


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C/ Mohamed Arraez 28
04118 La Isleta del Moro (Almería)

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Lunch Y Y Y Y Y Y Y from 13:30 to 16:30
Dinner Y Y Y Y Y Y Y from 20:30 to 23:30


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